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Arizona Collection Lawyers

Our Arizona collection lawyers can help you collect amounts that you are owed. We have experience in collection matters, both with and without litigation. We have represented both debtors and creditors.

For creditors, we can write demand letters to debtors and can pursue litigation if needed, and are experienced in practical and nonlegal considerations in collections cases. We also represent debtors and assist them in negotiating with creditors. We can assist clients with garnishments of earnings and non-earnings as well as in settlements and negotiations.

One of the collections matters we have handled includes a customized collections program with a small business client. The program allows the client to receive the collection services of a full-service law firm, while billing on a per-activity basis that allows economical collection of overdue accounts and prosecution of judgments where necessary.

Please contact our office for more information about how our Gilbert, Arizona collections lawyers can assist you.

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