Can my wife protect her assets against collection attempts for recent judgment ordering me to pay $25,000 to my ex-spouse?

houseBrad Denton Jun 5, 2012

My wife of 13 yrs recently inherited money, and wants to buy a house, but we do not want her inheritance or the house to end up in the hands of my ex-spouse. Because the judgment for attorney’s fees was obtained through dishonesty and legal tactics, I am appealing and will resist paying it as much as possible. If my wife buys a house as her sole and separate property, and if I remove my name from the titles of our cars (which are paid off), will that protect these assets against judgment collection? Does holding assets in a trust protect them? I work as an IT contractor. Would forming a corporation for receiving wages help me avoid the possibility of a wage garnishment, should my ex eventually figure out where I work?

A: The short answer is that your wife’s inheritance can be protected from the judgment if it is managed properly. Your other questions are a little more complex and require more information to answer. You must be very careful in taking these sorts of actions because you could make yourself subject to a claim for fraudulent. For more detailed answers, it is best to contact an Arizona collections lawyer.

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